Handfelted designs by Deborah Faye Watson are made as in years past. Handfelting wool is an ancient craft thought to be one of the earliest textile forms. Felt is made through a labor intensive method of first washing the wool, carding it, and then layering the wool for thickness. Hot water and soap are added to the layers of wool and agitation completes the felting process.

A newer form – Nuno felting – is made by the layering of wool over a fabric, most often either silk, cotton or another loosely woven material, and then felted together.

Deborah creates each of her one of a kind Art-to-Wear pieces by hand dyeing her materials, laying them out to create the pattern she has determined, and then felting the piece into its final design.

To care for your original Deborah Faye Watson Art-to-Wear design, please hand wash in cold water with gentle detergent and lay flat to dry. A warm iron may be used as needed.